07 Apr

Women, Culture Change

Women, Culture Change shows women of today around the world, that we ladies have definitely come a long way baby!  (But hopefully not smoking Virginia Slims anymore!) Maybe it is more about the men that have come a long way?  Remember Rousseau?

Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778), the political philosopher who greatly influenced the French Revolution, which initiated great cultural changes, also had his take on the place of women.  He stated the following:

“The education of women should always be relative to that of men.  To please to be useful to us, to make us love and esteem them, to educate us when young, to take care of us when grown up, to console us, to render our lives easy and agreeable; these are the duties of women at all times, and what they should be taught in their infancy.”

Please check out the link below – and ladies, don’t get mad – be glad!  That was then, this is now!  You will see how far Women and Culture Change have come.  You may need to copy (Control C) and paste (Control V) the link into your browser.  After the link, come back to Explore More!


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