Unique Cultural Traditions

Written by Alana Jolley

January 12, 2015

Unique Cultural Traditions

The first month of the New Year is nearly half over, and 12th Night (Europe), La Paradura del Nino (Venezuela), and Julian Christmas (Ukraine) are long gone. But Seollal (South Korea) is still ahead in February.  The few holidays just mentioned are Unique Cultural Traditions not celebrated nationally in the United States.  A recent article on the Mother Nature Network website is worth the short read and perhaps incorporating some of the Unique Cultural Traditions the author explores, into our own lives.

All holidays, celebrations, rituals, and remembrances are based on one’s own culture. We don’t often attempt to know what purposes other cultures have for their Unique Cultural Traditions, but we should take the time to explore them. The following article, with beautiful pictures and simple descriptions, by Starr Vartan invites us to do just that.

Why not think outside the box about New Year’s resolutions?  What about a New Year’s resolution to learn more about the world and its people?  After reading Vartan’s article, Explore More and learn about other Unique Cultural Traditions.  Lessons are free, and blogs are intriguing.



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