Spanish Civil War

Written by Alana Jolley

March 28, 2015

Spanish Civil War

March 28 marks the day in history in 1939 when the Spanish Civil War ended.  Anything Spanish should be of interest to the millions of people who have Spanish heritage.  Recent research more clearly points out that many cities in California and elsewhere in America have roots deeply entwined with the Spanish culture and language.

Remembering the end of the Spanish Civil War, as related in the following article by Daryl Worthington, is a blatant reminder of how history keeps repeating itself over and over in almost every time and in every space.  All we have to do is see the news headlines of today, which captures daily struggles, violence, oppression, and refugee tragedies of people trying to escape the civil wars raging in their countries.

Whether it is Africa, the Middleast, Northern Europe, or Latin America, human cultures cannot seem to get over the practice of warring against each other.  Perhaps today, the countries engulfed in their own civil wars should wave a white flag, as the Spanish did in 1939.  Think of how it might promote peace and end war in their countries.

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