03 Nov

Cultural responsibility is an interesting view to take with regards to education.  This is a video of  schools that address cultural relevance.  They start with goals plainly stated of the cultural ideals they teach the children each day.  The students are expected to be responsible for their behavior both on behalf of the institution and towards their peers.

Teacher and Elementary Student

Teachers Can Make a Difference
in School Culture

This is an article about how changing culture in schools is the way to improve every school in every environment.

Following is a quote from that piece in The Whole Child Newsletter:





“Every school has a culture. Some are positive, while others are toxic; many are somewhere in between. A school’s culture affects the lives of everyone in the building. Educators working in a positive school culture experience collegiality, trust, and tangible support as leaders and peers, creating an environment where there are high expectations, involvement in decision making, and open communication. Students entering a positive school culture feel safe, engaged, and connected and see school as a place where they can learn and contribute to the world around them.”

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