Robots for Everything

Robots doing everything

Written by Alana Jolley

March 22, 2014

Robots for Everything

Robots for Everything are entering human cultural spaces.  Are we ready for these cultural changes?  The following is a slide show of what we are now encountering as a major cultural change.  Some we are already familiar with.

The bigger question is if we have robots for everything, then what will we do?  Early hunter-gatherers began to be more creative when they did not have to travel so much in order to acquire food.  In fixed settlements there was a need for craft specialists.  Will robots ever be craft specialists?  Most likely some specialties can be performed by robots, and they are already doing many things,  However, in order to have a robot perform certain activities, there has to be a human behind the design of the specialty that the robot accomplishes.  Robots do not have creative brains.  The robots that do everything have to be programmed (by humans.

Some of the small things that make life important and provide meaning like reading stories to children can be done by robots.  Teddy Ruxpin in the 1980’s wasn’t exactly a robot, but he could tell stories to children at bedtime.  But his robotic activities ran their course as technology improved.  Some things that robots are programmed to do will obviously run their course, as well. We humans will come back to reality.

It will always be necessary for a human touch in many instances.  Explore More! to learn about culture, which promotes human creativity in almost every circumstance.  A question to ask:  Will Robots for Everything ever be human enough to be creative on their own?  Creativity is what separates us from other organisms.  It also separates humans from robots.  In the long run will we let robots do  eveything? 

Robots need humans to keep them working efficiently.  The jobs that are replaced by robots will be replaced by jobs for those who are technically savvy enough to keep the Robots for Everything running.

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