04 Apr

Mongolian Eagle Hunter

The story of the Mongolian Eagle Hunter, Ashol Pan, is particularly pertinent In today’s world where women are changing traditions simply by being able to participate in them.  It is good to see that unusual cultural traditions may not disappear because women are allowed into the “game.”

The traditional art of the Mongolian Eagle Hunter, Ashol Pan, is one such example.  When I first heard of the Eagle Hunters, I thought it was about hunting Eagles.  But Eagles are not being hunted; they are helping in the hunt.

Hunting with Golden Eagles is a centuries-old tradition almost lost, if not for young women like Ashol Pan who is training in this traditional art to keep it alive in her culture.  To see more amazing photographs and the remarkable story of this thirteen year old Eagle Hunter, copy (Control C) and paste (Control V) the following link into your browser or click on it below.  After meeting Ashol Pan, come back to Explore More!



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