Michael Jackson, Anti-gravity Lean

Written by Alana Jolley

March 25, 2014

Michael Jackson, Anti-gravity Lean

Michael Jackson, Anti-gravity Lean was just one thing that set Michael Jackson apart from all other Pop Culture entertainers The definition of Pop Culture is never exact because it is always changing.  But, usually, it includes ideas, attitudes, and images that fit into the mainstream of a culture.  Pop culture must also include inventions.  For instance in the 1920’s the new technology of movies, which first allowed sound – and then color to be added to artistic creations brought pop culture to the masses.  Pop culture also includes various kinds of behaviors that have become more acceptable.

Perhaps one of the most phenomenal ways of spreading culture, and especially pop culture, to the world began with technology, which created music availability in many different forms.  One of those forms was the music video; and no one claimed the venue of music videos better than Michael Jackson (1958-2009).  After watching the video, come back to Explore More! and learn how culture sets the pace in every generation.

In the Smithsonian Magazine online today, (March 27, 2014) an article about Michael Jackson includes a video of one of his most extraordinary performances, “Smooth Criminal.”  The author, Jimmy Stamp, makes a valid point that Michael Jackson was not only an accomplished dancer and songwriter, but also an inventor.  Art and culture meets Pop Culture in a venue extraordinaire in the following video.


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