08 May

Making a Living

Making a Living, also known as subsistence practices is embedded into every culture and every society.  Most people across the world spend the majority of their waking time in the mode of Making a Living.  The many ways culture has constructed to make a living vary according to gender roles, environments, resources, and climate.

Many ways that people are making a living today are being threatened by political boundaries, civil unrest, and labor uprisings.  One example are those who make a living in pastoralism.  Lands where cattle have been grazing for centuries are being restricted by new political boundaries after war or civil strife.  Herding of animals from pasture to pasture and from water holes to water holes has been practiced for centuries.  These cultural practices are being outlawed, condemned, or forbidden particularly in the Sub-Saharan Africa Global Village.  Modernity is reeking havoc with ancient cultural strategies for making a living.

Making a Living is a huge part of every culture. Check out how the Sherpas are Making a Living on Mt. Everest. You will need to copy (Control C) and paste (Control V) the following link into your browser.

After consulting the link, come back to Expore More!  and learn about other ways people make a living in the Global Villages across the world.



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