15 Jan

 Was Jesus Real?

Was Jesus Real?  An anthropology professor once suggested to my class that Jesus of Nazareth probably did not exist because, “There is no evidence, beyond the Biblical accounts, that Jesus was a real person.” Many believe that the writers of the New Testament were biased; and their accounts cannot be considered credible.  This is the reason that the question, Was Jesus Real? comes up quite often.

Devout believers, of course, can come up with plausible reasons to believe that Jesus was real.  Plausible does not always mean documented.  However, in the January-February 2015 issue of Biblical Archaeology Review, there is an informative and interesting article, “Did Jesus Exist?” by Lawrence J. Mykytiuk, Ph.D, of Purdue University. In his research to learn, Was Jesus Real? he looked beyond the Bible for sources. Dr. Mykytiuk is an expert in Northwest Semitics, Biblical Hebrew Languages and Linguistics, and an Associate Professor in the Department of History at Purdue.

The following link takes you to his article.


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