Instructions for Essays – A Degree of Professionalism

Instructions for Essays

Papers Must be in a Word Document

(or compatible)

1.  Proper title:  “Essay One”  is not a title

2.  Single space upper right-hand corner: Name, date,

assignment, instructor’s name

3.      Title – centered – Line 12 – No cover page necessary.

4.      Double space body of essay throughout

5.      Indent paragraphs five (5) spaces. Change of subject,

point, or paragraph too long – start new paragraph.

6.      Short nonfiction prose piece (essay).

7.      Incorporate as many cultural terms as possible

8.      Spell-check, proofread, read aloud.

9.      Titles of books/articles: underlined, italicized, “in quotes”

and important words Capitalized. i.e. Spanish, English

10.    One inch (1”) margins all the way around.

11.    Page numbers not necessary.

12.    No dangling sentences at end of page – need two lines of a

paragraph – minimum.

13.    Turn off automatic formatting in Word – no extra spaces between paragraphs.

14.    Help available on discussion board, or email if needed

15.    Upload by appropriate due date and time.

16.    Following directions is critical in college-level work.

17.    Upload for each essay is set up within lesson content.

18.    Make a good impression: correct spelling, correct grammar, correct punctuation



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