Sino-Japanese Global Village – Intro

Sino-Japanese Global Village

The Sino-Japanese Global Village, originally categorized within the larger Asian culture region, is now designated as just Sino-Japanese, representing a combination of Japanese and Chinese cultures.  Sino-Japanese writing is highly influenced by Chinese writing characters into the written Japanese language.  Click on the map below for a larger view.


Political Map



Sino-Japanese cultures are of mixed Chinese and Japanese characteristics. Their descendants live in North and South Korea, Japan, and most of mainland China. The following film is about Japan, which is part of the Sino-Japanese Global Village.

The next film is a clip of China and its traditional music, The Red Plum Blossom. The film also shows much of the landscape, dress, art, and architecture that we associate with China, the larger part of the Sino-Japanese Global Village.

Join me in the classroom to discover more about the amazing cultural attributes and contributions of this Global Village.

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