Latin American Global Village – Intro

Latin American Global Village

The Latin American Global Village consists of the portions of the Americas South of the United States of America and the adjacent Caribbean islands.  This global village has many ancient [glossary id=’2584′ slug=’cultural-hearth’ /] dating to around 3,000 BC with the ancient pyramids at Caral, newly discovered in 2001, in Peru by archaeologist Ruth Shady.  The Caral recent site, has not been researched and documented as thoroughly as the second oldest civilization in this global village, the Olmec civilization. The Olmec culture is believed to be the “mother culture” of [glossary id=’2620′ slug=’mesoamerica’ /].



The following video will open your eyes to Afro-Latinos, which is an untold story that Latin Americans and the world need to learn about and understand, according to the film directors and script writers.  You may want to check out some of the links on this interesting clip.

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