Austral-European Global Village – Intro

Austral European Global Village

The Austral-European Global Village is made up of two independent countries with ties to both the Anglo-American global village and the European global village.  Neither of the two countries were originally inhabited by Europeans, and the original inhabitants are not the predominant populations of today.

Both Australia and New Zealand boast indigenous peoples, with complex cultures, long before the  islands were “discovered.”

The picture of Aborigines holding a flag above represents an observance, which is held each year in Australia called “National Sorry Day.”  Each year this observance gives people a chance to “come together and share the steps towards healing for the Stolen Generations, their families and communities.  Stolen generations refer to indigenous Australians who were forcibly removed from their families and communities.”

Perhaps every nation should have such an observance because most populations across the world have been victimized in some way or another.

The following video gives a brief introduction to the Aborigine culture of Australia.

New Zealand’s story of their native peoples is much the same as Australia’s, except the first peoples came much earlier to Australia.  The indigenous Maori people are striving to revive their native language and culture with new programs and education to instill in their young the great heritage of their past.  They were great warriors and great tattoo artists, as well as exceptional singers and dancers.  Enjoy this additional video below and sign up for this course to learn more about the “islands down under” and this unique Global Village.


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