07 May

Food as Culture?

Should we categorize Food as Culture? A book published in 2006 by Massimo Montanari, has the name, “Food is Culture.”  A quote from the preface states, “What humans grow involves selectivity, of course, but even in the wildest “natural” or spontaneous growth and “wild” livestock, those elements of biological or horticultural environment and genetics that constitute “natural selection” are “cultural.” And from the moment humans choose food products, however “natural” their provenance, that too becomes a cultural choice.”   These statements see Food as Culture!

Another article by Stephen Terence Welsh, curator of Living Cultures, also sees Food as Culture by saying, “. . . how a civilization feeds itself has a remarkable impact on how it develops.”  The escalating obesity problem around the world is definitely having “a remarkable impact” on how each country is developing in the 21st century.  Since obesity is a globalization problem, every country should be creating ways to counteract this culturally controllable epidemic.

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