19 Sep

Culture Inequality

Examining Culture Inequality helps us to remember that everyone needs to have equal access to survival resources, rights, and opportunities. In Cultural Anthropology, egalitarian is a term used to express whether communities or populations have cultural patterns which promote and value equality among their people.

Humans, unlike other organisms, use culture to bring about such equal accesses (hopefully).  We also know that individuals are not equal, so culture can help to minimize inequalities among various populations.  It is interesting to note that non-human primates, though they don’t have complex culture,  can recognize inequality.  The concept of inequality is quickly distinguished between what is equal and not equal.

Though they can’t Occupy Wallstreet, animals have their own ways of expressing their own proto-culture of discontent!  Watch the following scientific research film to get a glimpse of how quickly inequality can be recognized.  You may need to copy (control C) and paste (control V) the link into your browser.


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