29 Oct

Culture and Music

Culture and Music are so closely associated that music is often a kind of language globally understood by all people.  Perhaps the symbolism, the words, and the exact meanings of the music played are not mutually understood, but the rhythms, the beat, and the emotions they evoke often bond people together who have never met or participated in each other’s culture.

Culture and Music can also mix in ways that are not globally understood.  Incredibly, music can be used as a sort of secret code, such as some believe the Rosslyn Chapel of Da Vinci Code fame holds. Each column has a small, box-liike symbol that corresponds directly to sound.

Research into the cymatics  (discipline of associating sounds with specific symbols) of the Rosslyn chapel have uncovered a secret code in musical symbols – but what does it tell us?

The study of culture reveals many types of symbolic codes, which are embedded and encoded in ways that are not completely understood.  This website helps students realize how and where symbolic codes of their own culture have originated.

Explore More! and learn about the commonalities of Culture and Music and other cultural symbols that are part of every human culture.

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