18 Apr

Changes in Cultural Practices

Food Insecurity Awareness

Changes in Cultural Practices are the key to solving the problems of food insecurity in the world.  Not only in the present,  but in the future.  National Geographic takes the lead in bringing awareness, but will humanity heed the warnings?  Follow the link below:  You may need to copy and paste the link into your browser.


Food Intake Begins at Birth

Ingesting food begins at birth, when the mother first begins to breastfeed her infant, or not.  We know that breastfeeding is about much more than food.  In the process of breastfeeding, the mother reflects her ideas about this important cultural affair.  Breastfeeding allows bonding, nurturing, and a skin-to-skin closeness and warmth not available to bottle-fed infants.  Aside from closeness; the breastfed infant gains more in nutrition and health in the longterm.  Check back to learn how changes in cultural practices are needed in both traditional and post-modern societies.  In the meantime, Explore More!

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