30 Sep

The Culture of Food Insecurity

The Culture of Food Insecurity affects millions of people worldwide. We are reminded of this by Malthusians almost daily. Reverend Malthus, in 1798, predicted food supplies could not keep up with population growth. However, he was unable to consider (how could he have possibly guessed?) modern advances in technology, which have increased agricultural yields more than exponentially.  Nor could he have imagined modern techniques of birth control, which reduces human fertility rates.  He could have thought of the ancient practice of gleaning, however, to help feed the hungry.

Instead, Malthus thought diseases, starvation, and war were the only catastrophic possibilities that could reduce the population burden and relieve food insecurity.  As we see the world, and its problems today, almost three centuries after Malthus, all three of his catastrophies seem possible.  There are the Ebola and influenza epidemics.  There is starvation due to people fleeing their homelands.  And there are wars arising in multiple places.  So what is gleaning?  Is it possible to be a gleaner?  Absolutely!  Malthus, himself, would most likely approve.  Check out the following positive thinking websites for great ideas on ways to relieve the Culture of Food Insecurity everywhere. Each of us can practice gleaning in a multitude of ways.




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