03 Sep

Cultural Hacking

Cultural Hacking can be a good thing!  Hacking has become a bad word; but that’s what culture allows us to do.  It allows us to use our brains, along with our material culture, to create the hacks and become the hackers that can be for both good and bad.

On the Learn Something website there are some practical Cultural Hacking tips that we can use everyday.  Who has not stressed over that embarrassing zipper that won’t stay zipped?  Or that ridiculous plastic package that a champion body-builder can not open?  What about the cell phone that needs a place to “sit” while you are at the office, but you never think to buy the object it sits in until its needed?  That is when practicality, innovation, and culture comes together!  Follow the link:


You will learn ways that Cultural Hacking may be able to help you in a pinch.

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