Global Villages Course III

Sign up to take the Global Villages Course III, which introduces students to the final three dominant culture regions in this series of Courses.  The Global Villages courses on this site are both historical and cultural in content because it is difficult to discuss one without the other.  Geographic location is also an undeniable impact upon culture and cultural adaptations.  Therefore, Cultural Geography, today, divides the world’s land masses into eleven (11) separate and dominant culture regions.

This website refers to each of those eleven (11) culture region as “Global Villages,” because our globalized world is both connected and interdependent, as neighboring villages have always been.

In reality, there are thousands of culture regions across the globe.  However, due to colonialism, tribal conflicts, wars, ethnic cleansing, regional disasters, and mass immigrations over time, nearly every region has changed in cultural make up from its humble beginnings.  Sign up now!

Global Villages Course III

The Global Village topics in this Course are:

1.  Slavic Global Village – Lesson 1

2.  Latin American Global Village – Lesson 2

3. Oceania Global Village – Lesson 3

4.  Global Villages/Cultural Impacts – Lesson 4

Let’s get started!  Wrap up the final Global Villages courses with Course III.  Take course now!

Course Materials

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