Successful Online Learning

Successful Online Learning is the goal of each course in this Cultural Anthropology setting. If you are new to using the internet, don’t worry.  There are plenty of ways to enhance and bring your knowledge up to speed.  You can type in “Guide to Using the Internet,” or you can go directly to the following link:

The above site, Digital Unite is a place to ask questions and get answers on the latest updates and apps for your smart phones or other devices.  You can also take courses on this site that will help you be a more engaged internet user and learner.

After visiting Digital Unite website, here are additional pointers to become a Successful Online Learner on this website.

1) Read the introduction to each course you wish to take; questions on topics are answered there, as well as it being a sample guide for each course.

2) Register (sign up) in the appropriate place.  It is Free and your information is never given out to anyone or entity for any purpose.

3) You will be sent an email with a link to confirm that you have registered.  You cannot access Courses until you have clicked on that link (in your email) for proper confirmation.

4)  Once you have confirmed your registration you can log on and select the Course(s) you desire.

5)  Courses are designed to take approximately one week; but there is no time limit on them.  It is possible to complete them in a short time; but for enhanced learning it is better to follow each step and grasp the content before moving on to the next step.

6) Post in the Discussion Forum (optional) for each lesson to enhance learning, and to reply to – and get responses from others.

7)  There is a quiz testing your knowledge at the end of each lesson. You must complete the quiz before continuing on to the next Lesson in the Course.

8)  Each lesson has an optional written assignment.  For optimum learning, students should complete the written assignment.  There will be feedback on the written assignment.

9)  You may email the Professor at any time for clarification on Course or Lesson content, using the following email, [email protected], found at the top of each page.

10)  When you feel ready to start, click on the Take Course block below each Course introduction.

You may print this page to keep for reference.





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