Enculturation, Being Culture Bound

You must sign up to take Enculturation, Being Culture-bound.  It is a free introductory course on enculturation.  Lessons create fun ways to explore how you have become you!  The way people act towards others, and how they see themselves, is based on cultural learning from birth.  Learning how and why people become prejudiced or not against others is a key component of this course.  As soon as we are born, we begin to learn how to survive in our little part of the universe.  Who is responsible for teaching us how to get along with others?  Those who interact with us everyday are important models of cultural survival.  Learning to survive and thrive in our environment is the most important part of each person’s life.

When we come to realize why we do some of the things we do –  we learn much about ourselves.  We suddenly grasp that in every culture humans are culture-bound. Why is it so bad to think we live in the best place, eat the best foods, and have the best in life?  We just can’t help it.  However, we can learn to recognize and appreciate other cultures in their own context.  Learning about the way others are enculturated sometimes makes us laugh – but others laugh at us as well.  So we should make a promise to make some changes in our lives.  We can learn to accommodate the wonders and challenges that others have, even though they are not the same as ours.

After taking this course, you will understand better and be able to explore more advanced academic interpretations and presentations of enculturation.  There are many articles and books on this particular subject.

Here are some links that demonstrate very simple aspects of cultural learning not found in this course.


Here is short video about manners, which are learned over time.

Topics for this course are:

1.  What is Enculturation? – Lesson 1

2.  Culture and Socialization – Lesson 2

3.  Gender and Cultural Universals- Lesson 3

4.  Cultural Capital and Reflexivity-Lesson 4

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