Culture in Autobiography

You must first sign up to take Culture in Autobiography, even though the course is free.  Culture in Autobiography is a journey of discovery about oneself or others (if you are writing another person’s story).  Writing personal history or autobiography is challenging and inspiring.  It can be a kind of self-therapy.  You get things out of your head, off of your mind, and on to paper. 

Writing things down and expanding on them can bring peace and tranquility into your life.  On the other hand, re-visiting painful, or less joyful moments, may not be so pleasant.  However, the experience of reviewing your life and completing your unique story is a great personal achievement.

Here students are introduced to the ethnographic process.  This is simply participant observer of culture.  We all are living in a particular cultural environment.  As a participant observer of your own culture, you learn to write and construct accurate information. Ethnography writing helps others to learn specific details from your life’s story.  Nowhere have you been a better and more enthusiastic participant observer than in your own life!  Once you understand how culture affects your own life, you will have no trouble adding those aspects to your story.

Culture in Autobiography

Topics for this Course are:

1. Culture in Autobiography – Lesson 1

2. Ethnographic Methods- Lesson 2

3. Participant Observation and You – Lesson 3

4. Adding Cultural to Autobiography

Sign up, to get started now on writing your own very unique story, and adding culture to make it come alive.  I have “been there and done that,” so I understand the barriers and misgivings that come with writing your own story, or perhaps writing the story of someone you love.  Writing an autobiography is a very fun and rewarding project!


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