19 Jun

Culture of War Part I »

Culture of War Part I

Anniversary of D-Day, Operation Overlord, WWII
On Thursday June 6, 2024 will be the 80th anniversary of Operation Overlord, better known as D-Day.

Culture, Health, and Wellness »

As of January 10, 2020, the WHO [World Health Organization] began using the phrase “2019 Novel Coronavirus.

12 Jan

Connecting Ethnography to Genealogy Research »

The first ethnography writing I completed was in the form of a personal history of my great aunt, Virginia.

03 Jan

Causes of Cultural Discontent »

Causes of Cultural Discontent
Before examining causes of cultural discontent, we should revisit the word culture, and its context.

22 Sep

Genealogical Methodology Importance »

Genealogical Methodology
Genealogical Methodology sounds complicated; but it is not.  All genres, including genealogy, have specific methods (methodologies) for research.

01 Jul

Costume, Ethnic Dress, or Wearing Culture? »

Google recently created 3,000 years of  Wearing Culture.  It is not only about Ethnic Dress, but about the clothes worn every day and for special occasions, celebrations, or traditions.

27 May

Human Ecology »

Using Human Ecology for Genealogy
Human Ecology
The term, Human Ecology, is an interesting genre pioneered by Professor Robert Ezra Park.

02 May

Discovering Genealogy Trails »

Discovering Genealogy Trails
Where Do Trails Lead?
Discovering Genealogy Trails of your ancestors is extremely important.

Celebrations of Thanksgiving: Ritual or Tradition? »

Celebrations of Thanksgiving: Ritual or Tradition?   Thanksgiving in the United States, is it ritual or tradition?  It is definitely both!  Why do human beings decide on certain dates or

26 Oct

Celebrating Family History Month »

Celebrating Family History Month
October is for Celebrating Family History Month; and you still have time.