Blackfeet Culture/Buffalo Hunting

Blackfeet Culture/Buffalo Hunting is about subsistence practices of buffalo hunting. Buffalo hunting by the Blackfeet is explored in an article by Eric Powell in Archaeology Magazine.  Blackfeet are indigenous or tribal peoples who now live in Montana.  Discovery of cairns in western Montana have led archaeologists to believe they have found more clues about the Blackfeet culture and their style of buffalo hunting.

Buffalo hunting was a primary subsistence practice of many indigenous peoples in the culture region designated as the Anglo American Global Village.  Scholars of the past, and some contemporary environmentalists, have often promoted the idea that all Native Americans or even most indigenous peoples across the globe, have practiced only sustainable subsistence methods.  One might wonder how sustainable and environmentally friendly driving hundreds of buffalo off a cliff can be?  The article below explores this practice and its implications.

A modern version of buffalo hunting, shown in this short clip from Dances With Wolves, with an added depiction of the Native-America-Lakot Buffalo Hunt, gives us an idea of how such a hunt, in the Blackfeet culture, may have worked.

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