Studying anthropology opens our eyes to see the boundless doors of human diversity, which we all encounter throughout our lives.


This website focuses on exploring and understanding different aspects of culture. It covers topics such as art, music, literature, history, and traditions from various countries and regions around the world. The world is divided into Global Villages, here, from which each person can discover their own cultural heritage in newfound ways.

It promotes various educational and informative articles. There are resources, and/or courses for learning how culture functions in many diverse ways. It is a platform for individuals to delve into their own family’s cultural origins and use anthropology knowledge to write their own family stories, with cultural emphases.

Culture Courses

Celebrating Family History Month

Celebrating Family History Month October is for Celebrating Family History Month; and you still have time. Have you completed a DNA search for your roots? If so, Celebrating Family History Month can be more fun when you discover and celebrate the cultures your...

Masks as Therapy

Masks as Therapy Masks as Therapy, and the practice of artistic mask making, such as the Northwest Coast Indian mask above, is apparently not new.  In March of last year, I wrote a post about ancient masks, suggesting perhaps they may have been the first “selfies.” ...

Culture Paid Forward

Culture and Violence "Jarring New Video Shows Ohio Student Joking, Laughing About Alleged Rape" This was the headline recently for a report by Megyn Kelly of Fox News.  This horrific event is absolutely all about culture! The synopsis of the assault, according to news...

Dead Rituals

Dead Rituals We know death is universal; so also are Dead Rituals.  All cultures have specific practices relating to the dead and Dead Rituals.  No need for science; humans have always understood that sanitation and public health depends upon proper disposal of dead...


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