Studying anthropology opens our eyes to see the boundless doors of human diversity, which we all encounter throughout our lives.


This website focuses on exploring and understanding different aspects of culture. It covers topics such as art, music, literature, history, and traditions from various countries and regions around the world. The world is divided into Global Villages, here, from which each person can discover their own cultural heritage in newfound ways.

It promotes various educational and informative articles. There are resources, and/or courses for learning how culture functions in many diverse ways. It is a platform for individuals to delve into their own family’s cultural origins and use anthropology knowledge to write their own family stories, with cultural emphases.

Culture Courses

Irish Cultural Treasure

Irish Cultural Treasure A Statue of O'Carolan, in Nobber, Co Meath, Ireland There is an Irish Cultural Treasure that is little known.  We know quite a bit about St. Patrick, but not much about Turlough O'Carolan, or why there is a statue of O'Carolan in Nobber,...


Wayfinding Wayfinding is a word  unfamiliar to many people.  As a Museum Curator and Director, I was involved in creating more appropriate wayfinding paths for visitors.  Creating easier methods of informing and instructing visitors on the move (wayfinding) is an...


Virgins Virgins are not much talked about in today's contemporary culture, but it has not always been that way.  In some ancient cultures, both in the New World and in the Old World, Virgins were highly respected women set apart at a young age to serve in Temples or...

Animals and Culture

Animals and Culture Animals and culture.  Do animals have culture?  Can animals learn culture? What are the criteria to determine whether something is "culture" or not culture?  Studying What is Culture on this website is a good place to start getting answers to the...


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