Studying anthropology opens our eyes to see the boundless doors of human diversity, which we all encounter throughout our lives.


This website focuses on exploring and understanding different aspects of culture. It covers topics such as art, music, literature, history, and traditions from various countries and regions around the world. The world is divided into Global Villages, here, from which each person can discover their own cultural heritage in newfound ways.

It promotes various educational and informative articles. There are resources, and/or courses for learning how culture functions in many diverse ways. It is a platform for individuals to delve into their own family’s cultural origins and use anthropology knowledge to write their own family stories, with cultural emphases.

Culture Courses

Burning Books

Burning Books Burning Books are sad events for any culture. Mosul, Iraq is now in a "state of anger and sorrow," wrote Rayan Al-Hadidi, a blogger and activist in Iraq.  While we watched the Academy Awards, here in America, the people of Mosul watched their books of...

Porridge Pots

Porridge Pots Porridge Pots reminds us of the 1760's English nursery rhyme we first heard on our mother's lap that went something like this:  "Peas porridge hot, peas porridge cold.  Peas porridge in the pot, nine days old.  Some like it hot, some like it cold.  Some...

One World Chorus or OWC

This site is all about culture, uniting and empowering kids through music.  Aaron Nigel Smith  is the founder and director of One World Chorus. OWC explores world cultures, not only through music, but also through using diverse musical instruments from around the...

Cultural Objects, Civic Identities

Cultural Objects, Civic Identities Cultural Objects, Civic Identities are connected in many ways in many places. You could live in Belgium, Germany, Russia, or the United States; and you could see cultural objects of art, which invite many of the same “civic...


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