Big is More Than B-I-G!

Written by Alana Jolley

June 13, 2013

For anyone who has been here, you know the enormity  of the Louvre Museum in Paris.  We spent the whole day there and were able to see maybe 5% of what is there.  We actually were able to see the most famous painting in the world, however. Lee was practicing with the camera with different lighting and all the reflection from the glass – but the Mona Lisa still turned out pretty good.

Though the Louvre is so much more than the portrait of this lady, the room where she was exhibited was extremely crowded and viewing had to be organized and queued so that everyone was able to see her.  DaVinci would be both amazed and proud!

The birds at the Louvre love the visitors.  They were so unafraid, as they flew right down on my hand and anyone else’s that might have a treat for them.  We thought this quite interesting because it obviously is a learned behavior and not one borne by instinct.


One of Lee’s favorite guys is Constantine, so he took the opportunity for a photo-op.  The last time we were in England we were in York, where Constantine was named emperor, for the celebration of that event.  The exhibit had never been on display anywhere, but we could not take pictures.  So this opportunity was truly awesome!

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