Subsistence Strategies – Traditional and Modern

The following short videos and articles describe and illustrate a variety of subsistence strategies.  Some are very traditional and have been practiced for hundreds or thousands of years.  Other subsistence strategies are adaptations within your own world.  You may be surprised at some of the innovative ways people have devised to make a living in our modern-day societies.  Enjoy the following learning experience!

Pastoralism as a struggling subsistence pattern among the Masaai tribes of Africa:

The following website defines further, and explains in detail, the subsistence practice of pastoralism.

The following is a video of pastoralism practiced by the Even tribe in Siberia in a sub-zero climate.  They are often referred to as “The Reindeer People”

Today, all of our social networks are about sharing, but there are some people making a living by sharing as you will see in the following new clip from Today

Here is a take on living in the modern world, but not of the modern world.  These subsistence strategies straddle both modern and traditional ways as they have successfully made a living “off the grid” (meaning no electricity) and in the wilderness for decades.  Click on the article.–lifestyle-is–globally-sustainable-.html?nav=5126

Here is a 2013 lecture on how “You Can’t Make a Living Just by Solving Problems,” by Don Peppers, a well-known entrepreneur.  In other words in the past “people” solved problems, but now technology and machines are solving problems, which is making a living much harder to come by without proper preparation. problems

There is also a new book out by Barbara Winter, “Making a Living Without a Job,” revised edition: Winning Ways for Creating Work That You Love, available at if you are interested!








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