Tips for Successful Online Learning


Whenever Successful Online Learning is attempted, there are many new questions for the beginner. What do I need to have in the way of materials for my class?  Where is going to be my work space? Since I can set my own schedule, what is going to be the best times for me to concentrate on my new learning experience?

One of the most important challenges for online learners is to create the “space” where Successful Online Learning can begin.  By space, its about a place where study is not interrupted by phone calls, kids, spouses, friends, parents, or neighbors.  This sounds easy at first. Unless the online learner explains to the important people in his/her life that this is important, it can turn into failure.  Others, even loved ones, often think computer learning is just another on-screen time that is not really that important.  So, please, let everyone know you are excited about the new challenge of Successful Online Learning.  Don’t let others minimize its availability to you.

The following video will help you understand a few of the roadblocks you may encounter on your new adventure.  It will help you get off to the best start.  Often times we know, or think we know, how to get started.  This short film puts you in the proper perspective before you begin.


After watching this video, Explore More!, on this site to see what other topics you might enjoy.  Once you are into Successful Online Learning, other unexpected doors will open for you.  Whether you are already experienced in navigating through a course, or if you are just beginning, good luck!  And happy learning the easy way, your way.

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