Third Generation Data Page

Third Generation Data Page

Your Grandparents:  Your mother’s mother and father, and your father’s mother and father.

Remember, you are a detective and you need to get all the facts that you can about YOUR GRANDPARENTS.

1.  Where was your mother’s mother born?  Country.  State.  City.

2.  What is the year, month, and date of your grandmother’s birth?  What hospital or home was she born in?

3.  Who was present at your grandmother’s birth?  Her Mom, Dad, Grandparents, Sister, Brother? Doctor?

4.  Was your grandmother baptized, christened, or did she have a special “naming ceremony?”

5.  What Global Village was your grandmother born in?  Locate it on the Global Villages Map.

6.  Did anything important happen on your grandmother’s birth date?  (Besides her birth?) A world event?  Or a hometown event?  These facts may not be know by your mother, or grandmother, but you can learn what may have been a world event on a certain date with a little research on the internet. Use the following link:

7.  Does your grandmother have any brothers or sisters?  How many?  Are they still living?  Are any of them your favorite great aunt or great uncle?

8.  Does your grandmother belong to a blended family, adopted family, or a biological family?

9.  Was your grandmother named after anyone in her family?  Or an ancestor, or other special person?  If so, why did your grandmother get this special name?

Use the same questions above to ask about all four of your grandparents.

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