Miss Potter and Wendermere

Written by Alana Jolley

June 22, 2013

Miss Potter above is portrayed by Renee Zelwegger in the movie of the same name.  Her story is a sad one; but it also has a happy ending.

Wendermere is better known as the Lakes District in England.  It is a picturesque place, in the European Global Village, and no better environment for creating the beloved children’s stories from Beatrix Potter, which have spanned generations.

We first took a pleasant boat ride across Wendermere Lake to visit the Hilltop home of Beatrix Potter.  She was ahead of her time as a nature preserver and environmentalist.  She left her home and 4,000 acres to the National Trust in England, which promotes her love of the countryside as well as her children’s tales.

This little family below was so cute, they just paddled right up to the boat,  begging for a snack!

At Beatrix Potter’s Hilltop home, she raised many prized sheep and these are descendants of her stock.

This was such a treat to be with my daughter and granddaughter.  To actually see where Peter Rabbit and his siblings, Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cottontail, were brought up – and where they played and caused Mr. McGregor such grief!  We thought we saw Peter in the distance, so we took a picture to make sure we weren’t making it up.

This was the home where Beatrix and her husband lived, just across the fields from Hilltop.  Both homes and properties are maintained as preserved natural habitats, and look much as they did when Beatrix created her many children’s tales.

Later we visited “The World of Beatix Potter” where we were able to enjoy a very European-style “high tea.”

This exhibit was almost as good as Disneyland!  Near our hotel, too.

Here was our “high tea,” and just as much fun as Alice in Wonderland!

Stella painted Jemima Puddle-Duck as a memento from “Miss Potter.”

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