Stockings Target

Written by Alana Jolley

May 28, 2015

Stockings Target

Stockings Target is about women.  It is about how women became a Stockings Target. A brand new product several decades ago, which was used as a Stockings Target proved to be a smart marketing strategy. Many things may be “man-made,” but women surely promote the innovations of men, as you will see in the article below.

In the month of May, in 1940, a new product, nylon, revolutionized a brand new way to exploit women and their legs. The idea to use women as a target market is nothing new today; but back then, before television, it made even more sense.  So women became the Stockings Target of the day.  How so?

Read the article in The Smithsonian Magazine to learn, from science, how a mainstream item we use everyday may not have developed so quickly had it not first been made to appeal to women.  We must admit that women lead often when it comes to the latest fashion trends. But who would have thought that the Stockings Target would eventually lead to creating more products, which have, in part, caused another cultural revolution – in the color of green?  Enjoy and Explore More in Cultural Anthropology and life-long learning.  And its free!


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