Shen Yun

Written by Alana Jolley

March 14, 2014

Shen Yun

Shen Yun  has a Performing Arts mission.  That is to, “. . . renew the divinely-inspired cultural heritage of humanity.”  Any audience member at a Shen Yun production would surely  attest that Shen Yun’s performing arts mission is accomplished.

Shen Yun begins the on-stage production with drums from the Tang dynasty.  The drumming is followed quickly with Asian songs of history, famed Terra-Cotta soldiers, and ethnic folk dances. Culture is raised to a higher level with each new scene. The musical performances are accompanied by exquisite digital backdrops; and the colors and designs of the costumes for Shen Yun are absolutely breathtaking.  The choreography, music, and dancing is flawless, demonstrating extreme discipline and artistic accomplishment.

Due to the reflective nature of Shen Yun and its spiritual references to deity, it is not allowed to be performed in China.  Shen Yun’s core belief is that, “Classical Chinese Dance is one way in which 5,000 years of Chinese culture has been passed down and retained.  It is a dance form built on profound traditional aesthetics.  In its early days, it was conveyed primarily among the people, in the imperial courts, and through ancient plays.  Over thousands of years, this art was continually organized and refined, with it eventually developing into the vast, systematic, and distinctly Chinese dance form that we watch as Shen Yun today.” (Shen Yun Performing Arts brochure, 2011)

See their critics’ acclaim in this short clip, demonstrating that Shen Yun, with its beautiful art, can be enjoyed by all people, by all cultures and by all people of all faiths.

Shen Yun productions are but one way cultural heritage of humanity may be explored and shared.   Which Global Village  represents their cultural heritage?  What [glossary]ethnicity[/glossary] do they share? Explore More! Cultural Anthropology in the courses available on this site.


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