Questioning Cultural Assumptions

Written by Alana Jolley

May 17, 2014

Questioning Cultural Assumptions

Questioning Cultural Assumptions is something that Professor Austin Stewart of Iowa State University has spent a lot of time doing.  A recent article states, “Stewart has spent his career creating art that questions cultural and personal assumptions.” Stewart, himself adds,  “With all of my work I try to bring the projects out of the art gallery and out of academia and into a public forum, because we all need to be having these discussions within our communities,” he explains. However, he says the project isn’t just about poultry.

As you will see when you access the following link, the kinds of discussions he is talking about involves cultural attitudes that become assumptions, even when they are not meant in that context at all.

How humans treat the animals that we eat is not only threatening our assumptions about what constitutes humane treatments, but also about the way we eat, and the way we are treating the planet we depend upon for survival.  Virtual is becoming so real that we are beginning to think we could create virtual environments for animals and make them feel like they are experiencing reality.  Second Livestock?  Really?

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