Kids, Culture, Play-i

Written by Alana Jolley

May 5, 2014

Kids, Culture, Play-i

Kids, Culture, Play-i – Meet Bo above.  It used to be I play, but today it is Play-i.  Have you heard of Bo and Yana?  Neither had I.  How fun to be a kid again!  Check out this link to a Scientific American article about how kids are learning new ways to learn!

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We know robots do many things today that humans used to do.  We also know that robots can even do things that humans cannot do, when they are programmed by computers.

This is an exciting way for children to learn.  Technological aspects of culture are being used in innovative ways to get the attention of children.  What child is not mesmerized by a robot?  Being able to actually tell their own robots what to do, in order to accomplish a task or solve a problem, will be a lot of fun for kids.  To think they can actually learn math and science principles at the same time is even more exciting.  Technology is one of the most exciting cultural components.  Explore More!



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