Kennewick Man

Written by Alana Jolley

October 13, 2014

Kennewick Man

I am “in love” with a 9,000 year-old man!  Kennewick Man! Well, okay, I’m really interested in his legal struggles, which I have been following for over a decade.  Why the suit against the government over Kennewick Man’s ancient remains? Why have his remains stirred up controversy?  It’s about the excitement surrounding the changes in thinking about the origins of early Americans.  A long-held theory is hard to change.  However, new avenues of research and new ways of thinking about the past helps us to plan better for the future.

What does Kennewick Man tell us about his culture?  Where did he come from? Was he perhaps a sailor?  We know he was an expert spear thrower, and obvisously a great hunter.  How is he dressed?  What tools did he carry?  He was very muscular; and ate mostly fish.  His bones indicate he had great strength.  He was very courageous, as indicated by his severe injuries.  Even so, he looks handsome in the reconstructed “selfie.” Beards were also cool in his day; so see if you agree.

The following CBS news clip  is an update about Kennewick Man.  After watching the news clip follow the next link for more about his discovery and the secrets he can now share.  Read about the battle that made it possible for him to be freed.  Even if you didn’t know he was in bondage, you can now be happy that his remains are finally gathered in one place for further study.  Kennewick Man is said to be, “the most important human skeleton ever found in North America.”  Surely he never imagined how famous he might become!

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