Keep Calm and Carry On

Written by Alana Jolley

June 1, 2013

Painting by Winston Churchill, “A Study of Boats” 1933.

This is the most exhibited and well-known painting of all those he completed.  It also appeared in newspapers and on magazine covers.

We knew Winston Churchill as the fighter and non-negotiator of World War II, however,  we had no idea of his many other great accomplishments.

We visited his home and gardens, known as Chartwell.  A magnificent place, fitting for such a great man.

In 90 short years, Sir Winston Churchill and his Lady Clementine celebrated  75 anniversaries and had four children.  He served in the Royal Air Force,  wrote over 50 books, was an accomplished painter, penned hundreds of articles, gave numerous speeches, served 65 years in the British Parliament, and reaped hundreds of rewards and trophies, including winning the Nobel Prize for Literature.  His inspiration, motivation , and determination to save England and the world, from Nazi Germany is legendary!

His permanent home and family gathering place, Chartwell, was his residence for 40 years.  At his death in 1965, it was given to the state (England) and became part of England’s National Trust.

Located near Westerham, in Kent, just 30 minutes from Bramley Cottage (Michaelin & Kevin’s home).  A beautiful drive through a forest of greenery and country roads leads to this picturesque place.

We toured the house, viewing the many ceremonial uniforms that Churchill wore while fulfilling his duties in so many capacities as steward over England’s historic destiny.  His library is filled with histories of every part of the world and histories of the men whose fame and gallantries reaped both tragedy and victory for England.


A side view of Chartwell, with Alana in the foreground.  Pictures do not do justice to this setting.  We enjoyed the home and the lovely English gardens.

The chair in this garden is said to be Winston Churchill’s favorite spot for painting, reading, and writing his many books.

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