Islamic Culture Region Countries


The above picture shows devotion of millions of Muslims as they participate in prayers at the Grand Mosque in what they consider the holy city of Mecca.  This is one of the largest religious gatherings in the world in Saudi Arabia, which precedes the annual Hajj pilgrimage.

The Islamic Global Village, also known as the dominant Islamic Culture Region has obviously not always been Islamic.  Muslims live in many different regions of the world today and their cultural unity does not necessarily follow that of the Islamic culture region, if they are not born and enculturated in those locations.  Their cultural unity primarily revolves around the religion of Islam and both historians and anthropologists study this influence in those regions where the religion is predominant.

This region of the world has changed rulers, religions, cultures, and populations many times in both the ancient and modern world.  The countries listed below are the ones currently listed by the United Nations as being in the Islamic culture region.

Countries in the Islamic Global Village, Alphabetically

Afghanistan, Algeria, Azerbaijan (formerly part of the Soviet Union)



Iran, Iraq, Israel (in the culture region, but definitely not Islamic, more associated with Europe)



Lebanon, Libya





Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Syria

Tunisia, Turkey

United Arab Emirates




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