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Indic Global Village

The Indic Global Village is categorized as a separate dominant culture region, also known as India.  For cultural geography purposes it was historically designated as part of the Asian culture region.  Today, however, it is simply a separate culture region known as Indic, rather than included in the broader Asian culture area.

One might say in the 21st century that India is reaching for the “coming of age” stage.  Its cultural importance and place in the world, according to many Indian scholars, has been overlooked, and now the Indic school of thought is to bring to light more of its history. Scholars and activists want to focus on the historical texts of the [glossary]Vedas[/glossary], and [glossary]Puranas[/glossary], to acknowledge the Buddhist and Yoga cultural traditions, and reaffirm the vast literature of [glossary] Sanskrit [/glossary].

There are many cultural communities in this highly populated Global Village and many social inequalities are permitted by the caste system, whereby people are born into “categories,” from which they can never rise above.  The Indic culture region is striving to overcome the scars of colonialism, faulty education systems, and overpopulation.  They are also trying to recapture a more Indian and/or Hindu worldview.  Part of this way of thinking is teaching others about India and its unique aspects, such as historic Yoga.  Mysore, India is undoubtedly the greatest place on earth to study Yoga.  The following film is about Yoga, but there is also much culture shown in the film, ways of dress, market places, animals that are revered, ways of travel, etc.  If you are interested in Yoga, you will love the body challenges observed.

Indigenous and native peoples everywhere, not only in India, are striving to make sense of the globalized world they now live in – to assimilate into the “world culture” or to maintain or reclaim their ancient and historic spiritual, political, artistic and scientific traditions?  These are important cultural challenges that the Indic Global Village will continue to face in generations to come.

Join me in the classroom to learn more of India’s cultural past and the debates formulating for its future.

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