European Global Village – Intro

European Global Village

European Countries Map

Lightest color depicts the
European Global Village region

On the Isle of Crete, pictured above, is where the European Global Village began.  Even though during the [glossary] neolithic period [/glossary] populations began migrating westward from Asia by 5,000 BC,  Europe’s earliest cultural influences are from the Isle of Crete around 2,800 BC.  The [glossary id=’2584′ slug=’cultural-hearth’ /] of Crete origin had social and technological advances, which lasted nearly  2,000 years.


The Isle of Crete – European Global Village First Settlements Documented

The lightest color on the adjacent map depicts the areas that make up the European Global Village.  Greenland across the Atlantic is also part of this culture region.  Click on the regional map for a larger view.

You will be surprised at some of the historical and cultural roots in this Global Village.

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