Sub-Saharan Africa Global Village – Intro

Map of Sub-Sharan Africa

Culture Regions of Sub-Saharan Africa

Sub-Saharan Africa Global Village is the largest of the two culture regions located within the greater African continent.

Africa is the second-largest continent, and is divided by the Sahara Desert into two separate dominant culture regions.  Within its boundaries is the longest  river on the planet – the northward flowing great Nile River. Along that life-giving river, thousands of years ago, in part of sub-Saharan Africa, a small population gathered along its shores to begin the world’s first Global Village.

Besides the amazing diversity in flora and fauna of Sub-Saharan Africa, there is more genetic diversity among populations than in most other Global Villages.  Africa has a history of tribal conflicts, and these confrontations were heightened during generations of colonialism and apartheid.

The following video gives just a glimpse of Sub-Saharan Africa’s cultural challenges, and the hope that is being instilled for its future.

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