Gastroporn, Culture, Health

Written by Alana Jolley

April 9, 2014

Gastroporn, Culture, Health

Above, young Marilyn Monroe eats at a 1950’s Drive In restaurant.

Gastroporn, Culture, Health leads us to wonder how the three are related. Acceptable standards for food enticements have been rather slow, but they have reached the Gastroporn state as you see in these progressive photos of famous “lovelies” making burgers look so good we want one right now! Today we can order anything using an app or on the internet almost at the very moment we are being duped.

Vintage Photos Of Celebrities Eating (14)

Elizabeth Taylor/Teenager

Gastroporn is a word describing pictures of food, which make us feel guilty for looking at them. But how do we feel after we eat what we at first only looked at?  Do we think about the long-term damage to our health, our culture’s success, or the environment?

We are being continually and culturally enticed to eat nutritionally void foods, which we know are bad for our health.  Even the advertisements can become addictive if we fall prey to them.

rita fashionwhileeating-thumb-560x460

Rita Hayworth












These are adult advertisements, but not necessarily adult foods.  Children are seeing advertisements geared for their childish palates as well.  Usually the enticements for children include more than burgers.  Their ads may include rewards like toys or candy.  These ads promote children into badgering their parents to take them to the places where they may get the toys or play on the playground where such foods are offered.  This is a double hit because both children and parents are led to make unhealthy food choices.

This photo of Heidi Klum is not the “over the top” Gastroporn that is currently out there, but it is getting close.  Explore More!  Find out how much culture and food are connected.


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Heidi Klum

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