Successful Online Learning

Successful Online Learning – Introduction

Successful Online learning may seem “old hat” in today’s education world, but online learning is actually quite amazing and many people are not familiar with it!  Education basically comes to you, when you want it, and where you want it, and there are so many choices as to what you want to learn about.

Online learning is great for moms who put education on hold to nurture families, for those with disabilities, for older learners, for younger learners, and for those who don’t want to go to a college or can’t afford to go to college.  Basically, online learning is all about each learner’s goals and not about an institution’s goals.  Online learning allows students to be flexible, and to be environmentally conscious.  It allows students to work, keep family commitments, and save money.  The list is endless of the pros for online learning.

Since you are here to learn, a few tips to get you started will jump-start your experience.

If you are new to online learning or internet communication, please click on the NETIQUETTE RULES before going through the orientation below.

Student Learning Objectives

1.  To become motivated and self-disciplined

2.  To acquire the habit of logging in daily

3.  Strive to stay current with all course assignments

4.  Interact with classmates through Discussion Forums

5.  Follow weekly lesson plans diligently, in the sequence outlined

6.  Complete all reading or writing assignments, even those that are not turned in online

7.  Follow course links. Read all lectures, and articles online and within the lessons

8.  Study the Power Point presentations, review them several times

9.  Ask any questions in the Question and Answer Forum

10.  Take all Quizzes

Technology Needed for Successful Online Learning

*  A computer with internet access, at least 64 mb of RAM, 4 GB hard drive, 56kbps modem, broadband or *  DSL highly recommended.

*  Microsoft Word, Excel, and Power Point

*  Optional: a headset with a microphone for synchronous activities when necessary

*  Textbooks, when required, may be eBooks, regular written textbooks, or rental possibilities

*  Apps may also be available


In consideration of eLearning, better known as online learning, students should ask themselves – is this course right for me?  Online classes can be taken anytime, anywhere, in almost any place; and they can be quite fun!

Online Learning is Exciting!

eLearning is available to all segments of populations, including those with disabilities, but it requires more motivation and self discipline than a structured on the ground or face to face class.  Students should log in daily, stay current with course assignments and interact with classmates in order to successfully complete a course.  Each course offered on this site includes Weekly Lesson Plans, Discussion Forums, reading assignments, links for online research, short quizzes, and one major assignment due each week of the four-week course.

If you are a single young adult, single parent, older learner, or you just want to enrich your life-long learning, online classes can be satisfying and fulfilling because learning is fun.  The courses offered on this site are not accredited by any university or college, but they may certainly enhance interdisciplinary knowledge in a variety of subjects.

The courses are taught by a credentialed and experienced Professor and Certified Online Instructor.  A Certificate may be earned, if desired, when all courses in a series are completed.

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