Course Schedule/Prices

Course Schedule/Prices

New courses will continue to be added to the Course Schedule, please sign up to be notified when a new course arrives.

The lessons are constructed to take approximately one week each, with the course lasting approximately four weeks or a month.  However, students may start and finish each lesson and course at his/her own pace.  The only requirement is to complete the Quiz at the end of each lesson in order to continue to the next lesson.  If you complete all four lessons, within each course, with an 80% or higher, you can receive a Certificate for your efforts.

Course: Successful Online Learning – Free

Successful Online Learning – A Mini Course

Course: What is Culture? Free

Topics/Lessons: All Four Lessons are Free

Click on each lesson to begin

What is Culture? – Lesson 1

Functions of Culture – Lesson 2

Adaptation and Culture – Lesson 3

Language and Culture – Lesson 4

Course: Enculturation, Becoming Culture-bound

Topics/Lessons: Four Lessons for $20.00

What is Enculturation? – Lesson 1

Culture and Socialization – Lesson 2

Gender and Cultural Universals – Lesson 3

Cultural Capital and Reflexivity – Lesson 4

Course: Subsistence Practices/Making a Living

Topics/Lessons: All Four Lessons for $20.00, Textbook required

What is Subsistence? – Lesson 1

Neo-lithic Transition – Lesson 2

Labor Divisions/Stratified Societies – Lesson 3

Peasants/Industrial Societies – Lesson 4



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