Ancient Astronaut

Written by Alana Jolley

February 12, 2015

Ancient Astronaut

To view an Ancient Astronaut would be an incredible experience, but some cultural anomalies really don’t make sense.  When you look at them you immediately sense that you know you don’t know.  Why would an astronaut figure, complete with breathing tube and moon boots, be carved on an ancient 12th century cathedral in Salamanca Spain?

The answer to this Ancient Astronaut mystery lies in the contemporary habits of stonemasons working on restoration projects.  However his particular restoration project is not actually on the old  12th century Salamanca cathedral, but on the new one, built in the 1500’s.  They are two separate buildings located in the Plaza de Anaya, one of the oldest community plaza’s in Europe.

With social media seemingly overriding everything factual, it is not surprising that the Ancient Astronaut has traveled the world, along with many conjectured theories of how and why he exists.  Did aliens carve him?  Did he actually arrive in Europe from somewhere out there and the artist was able to capture his image in stone?  The mystery is solved accurately at the following link.

You may also go to YouTube to get a better perspective of the location and size of the carving.

Explore More! of cultural anthropology and the many global villages represented by a variety of cultures and ethnic groups.

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