Adult e-Learning, Life-long Learning

Written by Alana Jolley

April 4, 2014

Adult e-Learning, Life-long Learning

Adult e-Learning, Life-long Learning provides unlimited access to world-wide subjects. No subject is more interesting, intriguing, or de-mystifying than learning about culture – your own and those “others.” When should learning stop?  When you study Cultural Anthropology, the answer is never.

That answer seems obvious; but if you aren’t studying or probing new boundaries, then learning is superficial. Sure, you finished college a few years ago and you are set in your career.  You are older now; and you are independent and you have self-direction – if you can just find that “other” direction.  Some people find it in the gym or on an athletic field, which lifts our spirits and helps to keep our bodies fit.  And some people never really know what they want to be when they grow up.  On this site one can learn about all the Global Villages and the people that live in them.

As we get older, our brains also need to stay fit in order to avoid memory loss and cognitive degeneration.  Life-long learning keeps our brains fit.  We have already experienced so much of life that we have a very solid foundation on which to build new learning.   What better direction to take  future learning than learning about others?

Not the others that are celebrities or icons, though that can be fun too.  Learn about others that live different lives than you do.  Studying populations that are different helps you to know yourself better.  Learning about diverse cultures does that for everyone.  When we realize that our set ways, ideas, and behaviors are not the only “correct” sets of ways, ideas, and behaviors, then we have our eyes opened.  We can see more of what the world is all about – not just in our own little bubble.

Readiness to learn new things is dependent upon interest and motivation, but if you did not finish college – or even go to college – there is a lot of learning out there in the way of e-Learning.  Learning about culture can be learned online, in your own home, on your own time, or even when you can’t sleep at night.

Adult learning subjects need to have immediate application.  Explore More!  See how such knowledge applies to your own life now.  You obviously want to know how the learning time and energy spent  will be of benefit.  Another factor adults usually think about is whether or not the subject being learned is up to date and will it help me understand my world better?  The answer is yes.

In the world of young people, learning is almost always external and futuristic.  In other words we must get this learning thing out of the way in order to compensate our parents for their investment and to gain the skills necessary to move on in our future life.  Adults, however, are motivated internally.  We learn for our own enrichment, and enjoyment.  We don’t have to please anyone with our learning; and we don’t have to take specific subjects to move on to the next subject.

Explore More! and learn about the world and its many cultures and peoples.




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